Our clients are in a multitude of industries. A few of the industries in which we have experience are Farm & Ranch Operations, Law Firms, Medical Professionals, Attorneys, Engineers, Horse Racing, Long Term Care Facilities, Commercial and Residential Real Estate, Oil & Gas Productions, Leasing Companies, Commercial Construction and Contractors, Manufacturing, and Retail.

Big or Small, we can help your company navigate tax, business and estate planning, accounting systems and more. Call Muret CPA, the Tulsa CPA, today!


The tax, financial, and business planning needs of businesses in the construction industry requires a professional accountant with specific knowledge of industry requirements. At Muret CPA, we have construction specialists with extensive knowledge of the operational issues and financial reporting requirements in the construction industry. We offer industry specific consulting and CPA services for businesses in the building trade, including commercial construction accounting, general contractors, and professionals in the masonry, HVAC, residential construction and other trades.


Medical, dental, and healthcare practices have unique financial management needs. The knowledgeable and experienced accountants at Muret CPA offer tax preparation, financial management, and accounting services that are customized for each medical practice. We have the expertise required to meet the specific needs of healthcare professionals.


At Muret CPA, PLLC, we provide tax preparation, bookkeeping, and CPA services to law firms and professionals in the legal industry. We have a concentration in the legal industry and have provided accounting services to personal injury law, family law, tax law, labor and employment law, real estate law, and trusts and estates law firms in Tulsa and throughout the state of Oklahoma.


Non-Profit and religious organizations serve an important function in society, but the people running them often have limited knowledge of the many tax, payroll, audit, and financial reporting requirements. We offer a wide range of services for non-profit organizations in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Many of our services are listed on this page, but we can provide assistance in many other areas.required by the DOL.


Over the last decade, significant legislative and regulatory developments have affected qualified plans. To ensure compliance with these regulations, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Department of Labor (DOL) have expanded employee benefit plan audits and enforcement activities. In addition, the Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) has established an ongoing review program to assess the quality of work of plan financial statements required by ERISA. The upshot of these developments is a significant increase in the oversight of benefit plans.


As a travel nurse, there are several available deductions that you may claim on your tax return for out-of-pocket expenses incurred while on assignment. Note that these deductions may be taken only if you meet certain criteria. This guide will discuss each available deduction in a detailed fashion. Also included with your purchase of the guide, is a cost “tracker” spreadsheet with which you may track your expenses for each category. By taking all the deductions that the tax law allows, you will get to keep a greater amount of your travel income for yourself.