Construction Accounting Services

The tax, financial, and business planning needs of businesses in the construction industry requires a professional accountant with specific knowledge of industry requirements. At Muret CPA, we have construction specialists with extensive knowledge of the operational issues and financial reporting requirements in the construction industry. We offer industry specific consulting and CPA services for businesses in the building trade, including commercial construction accounting, general contractors, and professionals in the masonry, HVAC, residential construction and other trades.

In addition to tax preparation and traditional accounting services, we provide additional services to help you manage your construction business and maintain positive cash flow. We offer services for business consulting, strategic planning, surety and bonding assistance, business improvement processes, acquisitions, mergers, disputes, profitability enhancement, business process improvement, and more. We focus on lowering tax liability, increasing tax savings, and increasing liability protection, whether your business is a corporation, partnership, or LLC.

Financial Planning and Audits

We provide audits and financial planning services to help you effectively manage your business. We can help you select the best accounting software to manage business finances and generate accurate job quotes. In addition, we advise you about savings that may be available through insurance consolidation, debt and equity financing alternatives, and employee benefit plans to help attract and retain qualified employees for your business.

Executive Services

An experienced commercial accountant can offer solutions for asset growth and preservation, reducing taxes on income, investments, and retirement distributions. We work to help you increase net worth, reduce tax burdens, and gain better control of your wealth in order to preserve your wealth and pass it along to your beneficiaries.

We provide estate and trust planning services to build a strategic plan for wealth preservation, directing assets, and transferring ownership of your business. We work with business owners to develop effective business succession plans to address estate planning concerns and ensure that a plan is in place for the success of the business after transfer to your successor.

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